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Saya Aensland

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I'm a trendsetter...? [Apr. 2nd, 2010|01:19 pm]
Saya Aensland

So, I just found out that Brandenburg/Prussia is a relatively popular pairing amongst the Chinese APH fandom. After some flailing with Google and a translator, I found several fics.

Most of those fics use the name "Hartwin".

I... I'm kinda happy right now. ;ω;

[User Picture]From: skyhiker
2010-04-06 11:29 am (UTC)

Re: yes you are:)

sorry for my belated reply. i've been busy writting things these days>.<
i'm really curious about...which fanfics in chinese have you seen? i'm not really in the brandenburg/prussia circle so i don't know many writers...can you post the fics for me? 0 0
in fact i also posted my translation of civil union to another place, it is a closed forum so i didn't show it to you then. i'm really sorry about that....but if you give me your e-mail i can send the downloaded webpages to you.
i read the two short fics. although they are not as long and dramatic as civil union, i still love them. i always encounter something unexpected in your fic, which make me laugh or being touched.
translating chinese fics into english is really a huge chanllenge to me, so since you have said you can understand the general meanings using translation machine, i'd be happy not to do that-_,-instead, i asked a girl to post her paintings of hartwin and gilbert to you, but she's so shy about that....*_*
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