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Saya Aensland

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I'm a trendsetter...? [Apr. 2nd, 2010|01:19 pm]
Saya Aensland

So, I just found out that Brandenburg/Prussia is a relatively popular pairing amongst the Chinese APH fandom. After some flailing with Google and a translator, I found several fics.

Most of those fics use the name "Hartwin".

I... I'm kinda happy right now. ;ω;

[User Picture]From: skyhiker
2010-04-08 03:55 am (UTC)

my reflection of the two fics:)

WISTERIA make me think of one of my favourite light novels "the garden of sinners". in the end, brandenburg disappeared and his existance broken, but his dream lives, and the kingdom of prussia is that dream. so sad and moving...and somehow a little comforting.
and i think mistletoe is another nice allegory as WISTERIA, for when the ancient germans saw the green mistletoe grew in winter's oak, they think the mistletoe is the spirit of the lifeless oak. that's what the called"the golden bough".

Cross of God is quite inspiring for me, cause i have never read any fics about prussia and his religon...and i never imagined brandenburg acting like that(LOL)
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