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One day after the new connection was purchased, my DSL connection is back up.

This is highly irregular from Sonera.
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Penguin of RAGE!


Saya: WTF, why isn't my internet connection working? Mom, have you paid the bills? I thought our current income was passable!
Maternal Unit: The bills are paid, it's something with the ISP.
Saya: *calls the ISP's customer service*
Automated customer service: There is no internet connection registered to this ID.
Saya: Bitch, what?
Saya: *travels to ISP's local boutique* Give me back my internet, khtx.
Clerk: Nope, the service has been cancelled by the owner.
Saya: No, it hasn't.
Clerk: Yes, it has.
Saya: *grabs phone, dials* Mom, the clerk says you cancelled my Internet! Tell him that he's wrong!
Maternal Unit: Oh yeaaaah, I kinda did cancel it.
Saya: ....
Maternal Unit: Can't you just press a button and turn it back on?
Saya: But... you... what... *sputter*
Clerk: No, sorry, the connection has gone off to meet its maker. You'll have to drag yourself over here and open a new connection.
Saya: alksjgklasjglglkalasghk
Maternal Unit: But I have a bad leeeeg, and I have to go over to the hospital to get it operateeeed, and I won't be able to walk for weeeeeks...
Clerk: Well, do you know when you will be able to get over here?
Saya: Open it in my name.
Clerk: Or we can open it in your daughters name.
Mobile broadband, the house's second internet connection, which is exclusively in Maternal Unit's use: *has not been cancelled*
Maternal Unit: Oh, hey, you're back! How did it go?
Saya: Choke on your tongue.
That line: *is not an exaggeration*

I am currently using the USB modem that I got as a freebie when I opened the connection. The DSL connection proper won't be opened until the 28th. In Sonera terms, that means somewhere mid-May.
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My OTP is history canon!

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I don't check the hetalia comm these days at all, so the Cleaning Prussia-san game had mostly flown under my radar. Until now.



Aaaaand I'm done.

So Brandenburg canonically exists and is alive in the modern day, and that makes me happy beyond all belief. :)

But on the other hand, my magnus opus has been completely Jossed, and that's a little :(

I'm gonna have to abandon my elaborate headcanon Brandenburg. But then again, I knew I'd have to do that if Brandenburg ever appeared in canon, so eh.

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My laptop is back, it's busted harddrive has been replaced.

This is good.

The replacement harddrive maxes out at 14 GB.

This is very, very, extremely ungood.


Okay, so my computer freezes about every hour or so (seems to be sooner if I don't move the mouse for a while[?!?!]), forcing me to pull the plug regularly.

Just now, on another plug-pull and start-up, it reset the clock on January 1st 2000.

I've bailed out some of my most vital files on my dinky little 2GB USB card, but the fact still remains that my computer is sinking underneath me, my laptop isn't back from the repair shop, and I cannot afford an external hard drive to save my 70 GB of data.





*curls up and cries*
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Penguin of RAGE!

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My computer, which I've had for 8 or 9 years, has officially entered it's death throes.

It bluescreens and freezes in places where it didn't use to do that. Even turning it off often summons a BSOD (that is, if it doesn't just freeze up altogether, forcing me to pull the plug).

Playing videos is a matter of coin flip: It either plays them normally, or it rapidfire BSODs.

My laptop, which broke its harddrive back in December, still hasn't been fixed. Even if I get it fixed in time, its harddrive is smaller than the tabletop's; I won't be able to transfer all of my files to safety. I don't have enough blank CDs. I can't afford an external harddrive.





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A moment of silence for my Pokémon Crystal cartridge, which finally bought the farm. In this context, "bought the farm" means "the save file became corrupted, and all new save files I create immediately become corrupted as well".

Goodbye, Crystal. You'll always be my favorite generation.

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My laptop, which had been my primary means of accessing the Internet, has been busted for weeks. I finally called Fujitsu-Siemens, and they seem to think it's a component malfunction. If you ask me, they're just trying to stall me so they'll be able to squirm their way out of the guarantee. Anywho, they'll be sending me a diagnostics CD so I can find out which component it is.

My deadbeat dad provided me with 50€ of Christmas money, allowing me to go with Plan B: purchasing a WLAN adapter for the desktop. Obviously, it's working beautifully. Windows ME > Windows Vista.
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